The Gurdjieff Teaching in Slovenia
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This website was created by a small circle of men and women who are trying to establish a Gurdjieff work group in Slovenia, along the lines given by Mr Gurdjieff to Jeanne de Salzmann, shortly before his death.

With the help of experienced people from London where the work is well established, we try to bring into our daily lives a wide range of Gurdjieff's ideas and methods which he called the 'fourth way'. This way includes much that cannot be found in books. The essential is direct experience of a more conscious awareness in moments of what Gurdjieff called 'self-remembering'.

Our approach calls for persistent practice of individually appropriate efforts to see what is the truth. It means inner work directed towards deep self-knowledge as the agent of harmonious change. It means a flexibility, and a freedom to experiment, that is made possible only by an emphasis on understanding and voluntary self-discipline.

"If a man really knows that he cannot remember himself, he is already near to the understanding of his being."